FARG was involved with a report on the 7th Workshop on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis (March 26-28, 2012, Frascati, Roma, Italy).

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FARG released the second edition of fundamental scientific research in field of Toroidal plasma modeling: "F.S. Zaitsev. Mathematical modelling of toroidal plasma evolution. Second edition"

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FARG joined Association EURATOM CU (EURATOM CU), and
became a member of EURATOM (www.euratom.org).

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FARG has been confermed to meet the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic standards and has been granted a permission to perform government work in the field of scientific research
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FARG has obtaineda license for geological prospecting of gold deposit Bukovina, Slovakia
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FARG conducts geological prospecting of gold deposit Pila, located 25 km. to the northeast
from Bratislava.

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FUSION, Advanced Research Group, Ltd. or FARG - is an international company, founded in 1996 with the headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia. FARG is dedicated to the applied use of the latest achievements in the field of intensive scientific methods, such as mathematical plasma modeling, computing methods of mineral exploration.

FARG collaborates with major international research centers and laboratories and with companies involved in prospection and mining operations (for more information about partners please refer to Partners).

FUSION, Advanced Research Group, operates in the following areas:

Toroidal Plasma Modeling

Gas Discharge Plasma Modeling

Data Mining

Mineral Exploration

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FUSION, Advanced Research Group, seeks diversified, mutually beneficial cooperation with other parties.

FARG is willing to participate in new projects related to company's research areas.

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